• KOVEA V1

    SKU: KGB-1607


    Highly Efficient Regulator Stove

    V1 is the most innovative stove. It has regulator which regulate
    gas pressure so that the flame gets stable. Concaved head with
    wind shield technology ables to work in high
    wind situation. It also has lightweight design,
    ideal for UL backpacking.
    Compact and light weight design
    Ideal for UL backpacking
    Concave stove head
    Mimimizing the wind directly in the flame.
    Ignition device cover
    Prevents damage to spark plug from any
    accidental impacts to part.
    Consistent output pressure(flame) with
    Kovea’s Regulator Technology

    Stable flame regardless of temperature or
    canister pressure.


    Size : 70 X 70 X 125mm (Inner Box)
    Weight : 80g
    Gas Typ : Iso-Butane (Screw Type Gas Canister)
    Consumtion : 193g/h (2,282kcal / 9,062BTU / 2.65kW)


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