SOTO Compact Foldable

SOTO Compact Foldable

Compact, light-weight, powerful and well-functioning stove in all weather conditions.

Small, strong support arms on this stove. One reviewer has called it “truly a work of art.”


Product #: OD-1BS

World’s smallest stove in the single burner stove with igniter category. Stove is compact when pot supports are folded. When unfolded, firmly supports large pots. Case included.

Stove Specifications:
Output: 2800 kcal/h 3260w 11000 BTU
Duration: Burns approx.1.5 hours with 8 oz.(250g) canister.
Weight:5.0 oz.(160g)
Dimensions when in use:5.9 x 5.9 x 3.2 inch(15.0 x 15.0 x 8.0 cm)
Dimensions when stowed:1.34 x 1.8 x 2.5 inch(3.4 x 4.62 x 6.37 cm)